Being your own Business Consultant – part 1

Are you in business for yourself? Can you clearly articulate what it is you are selling? Can you do it in 30 seconds or less? What about 7 words? Can you tell me why I should choose you and not your competitor?

A friend recently shared a story with me about Computer Company X – true story – Sr. mgmt of Company X made some random calls to their own various departments posing as potential customers – they asked one question… why should I buy your computer over that computer – nobody could tell them… after some persisting, one employee told the ‘would be’ customer that it was due to the screws they used to hold the top half of the laptop to the lower half. So fret not if you yourself have yet to define what business you are in.

Grab a paper and pen or open word and start typing. Write or type what you are selling, what makes you different than your competitors and then start to chisel away at the words until you have one perfect sentence that answers the question – What do you do?  Now, what are your business goals and do you have a mission statement?

This exercise of clearly articulating what business you are in will provide much needed clarity when it comes to developing your marketing plan.

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