Pennies + Proper Info = Your Small Biz website

So you want to be in business for yourself. You need a name, a product or service people want to buy and a way to reach your customers. I don’t think it’s any surprise that in today’s day and age that your strategy must include a website! So… where does one begin?

Instead of approaching the godaddys or Why not try a – Why? Glad you asked:

1. you need more than just a domain name. you need a domain, a server, email accounts and perhaps software to manage customer databases, send out e-blasts and a lot more.

2. Get in touch with – get your domain name, unlimited server space and a ridiculous amount of email accounts complete with amazing customer service.

3. Ok – now what? Well, you need a virtual storefront. Not a web designer? or maybe you don’t have the funds to put one to work…? try this. Go to and register for a blog. Pick a template, add your pages, content, change a color here or there and voila.

4. Have your domain name you just got from point to your wordpress blog.


5.Set up your website to represent you, your service and how to go about contacting you. Ensure you are maximizing your site by registering key words, turning on comments and…


you could visit and choose a template from thousands upon thousands and either purchase the template for a web designer to tweak. Or have the site itself tweak it for you at a cost.

For expertise on how to ensure your website is doing everything it can for you – drop me a line at  or let me know what resources you have found that we can add to this section.

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