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Social Media Audience – they're people – not sheep.

I wonder if brands think that their consumers, facebook fans, twitter followers or the like exist merely to be used by said brand? Do brands just throw a bunch of apps, tools, wikis and the like at a crowd of people hoping something will spark and then ...

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Brands in mirror shd be smaller than they appear.

I feel like I keep saying the same thing but with different spins. Not necessarily a bad thing... so here I go again... more reasons why I believe Small is the New Big. Landscape: 1. The power has shifted from the boardroom to the people. Don't believe me? Ask me about: Dell, H&R block, Bernard Lachance, Facebook ...

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Acquisition, Retention, Fanatics

How you acquire customers is somewhat different to how you retain customers which is somewhat different to how you create fanatics. Acquisition or the art of acquiring customers involve a number of things:First you need a product or service that people want to pay for.Then it would be in your interest to identify who your customer is. Really get ...

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